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Hi, my name's
Tommy Bradly

Bachelors Degree + Post Audio:
I've been obsessed with audio since the age of thirteen when I first played around on Garage Band with my dad. I went on to pursue my bachelors degree in music and sound production technology, during which time I began a post audio house. I edited dialogue, composed music and created sound for corporate advertisements, sync companies, and award winning filmmakers.

Video Game Sound Design:
Since graduating I shifted my focus to sound design and have been fortunate enough to create sounds for indie games, game jams, animations, cinematics and sound library companies such as Krotos Audio. Currently taking my masters degree in sound design for video games, and always looking for exciting new opportunities.

If you can't find me:
I'm likely gaming, playing Warhammer 40k, cooking, or walking my dogs Toto and Lula.

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